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My name is Cami Grudzinski and I'm a photographer in Gulf Breeze, Florida, now serving Pensacola, Navarre, Destin and region.

Welcome to my website and thank you for stopping by!

I am a wedding, engagement and portrait photographer now based in Gulf Breeze, FL. My work has distinct artistic flair. It is a beautiful mix of dramatic images, heartfelt portraits and real moments.

I am easy to work with, it will be my pleasure to help you design a solid timeline to maximize your investment in photography and have the most stunning and unique gallery throughout all moments of a wedding day - getting ready, ceremony, family formals, reception.

My clients come from all over the place. They are from a wide range of backgrounds, life paths but they seem to have a few things in common - very easy going people that have a deep appreciation for photography or art in general. They are attracted to my work by its colors and lighting but end up becoming friends.


I started my career at Disney, photographing over 500 families a day. I had the incredible opportunity to photograph in many different photography areas at Disney including Theme Parks, Marketing, Weddings and Events. At Disney I learned not only the importance of customer service but how to communicate with people from all backgrounds, all ages and all levels of energy and enthusiasm.

In 2013 I was brave enough to open this business and quiet rapidly I was able to leave the Parks. My business sky rocketed and in 2017 alone, I photographed 75 weddings.

My work has been awarded internationally, standing out against some of the best photographers in the World. In 2017 I was nominated one of the 30 top growing photographers in the world by a main photography publication, which was a huge honor.

I rapidly grew from competing in International Imaging competitions to judging it in 2018-19 - an extremely humbling experience, where I was able to finally start giving back to the industry that gave so much to me.


A questions I get asked often is "why weddings?".

Weddings require sharp skills in all areas of photography and amazing people skills. We, wedding photographers, are next to our clients from beginning to end and when all vendors have wrapped their work with the couples, we are still working with you many months, often years to come.

But for me weddings connect all dots. Being away from home has made me appreciate the love and family interactions from a different perspective. Images are the only thing that will stay with my couples forever. That is so unique and special.

I love meeting families, friends, paying attention to relationships, learning about people, and capturing couples, and them from my unique viewpoint. I love the beauty of it, hugs, loved ones reuniting, laughter. Nothing compares to weddings!


Why Gulf Breeze? Running a business, traveling, taking on opportunities to teach and motivate other professionals was rewarding, mainly while I had built everything on my own. However, very quickly I realized my son was paying the price.

I decided to start researching better places to raise him, to focus on his education, quality time with him, and hopefully work more from home and travel less. Friends and fate pointed me to the direction of Gulf Breeze. It all fell into place and I am in absolute love with the area.

After hundreds of weddings around Orlando, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Sarasota I have so many amazing memories around Central Florida and its West Coast, thankful for all it brought to my life, but I knew it is time to move on.

Gulf Breeze has great schools, it is a gorgeous place, family oriented and with a slower pace that both him and I craved so much.

I am excited for this new journey and I am thrilled that something about my work has spoken to you! If you want to learn more about me contact me now!


Although I am now based in Gulf Breeze and focusing on the Panhandle area - Pensacola, Destin, Milton, Fort Walton and the Alabama coast, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Fairhope for example, I still serve all of Florida including my old home Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Saint Petersburg, and region.

Plus South Florida - Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Naples, Key West and all destinations. I have photographed weddings in Hawaii, Michigan, Illinois, Wyoming, Texas and abroad Bahamas and Ireland.

I love traveling and have a full set of gear that is adapted for traveling.

If you have questions about destination weddings please contact me!