Cami Zi Photography
Portrait Photography Award Asia WPA 2018
Wedding Photography Award 3rd Place Award Asia WPA 2018
Perfect Sunset Portrait
30 Rising Stars 2017
Wedding Photography Award WPPI 2018
Perfect Sunset Wedding Portrait Award
Self Portrait Award WPPI 2018
Fort De Soto Maternity Portrait
Oak Trees Wedding Portrait
Powel Crosley Estate Wedding Moment Award
Fort De Soto Award Winning Engagement Image

Florida Award Winning Photographer

Participating in International photography competitions are my way to stay committed to perfecting my craft as my work is reviewed and judged by the top photographers in the world.

Competitions encourage excellence and are an incredible source of inspiration and learning.

Creating award winning images during the pressure of a real wedding day, with real couples, is no easy task, which makes me so very proud of every single award I've earned and thankful for every opportunity.

Contact me today to schedule your photo session, and maybe your image will be an award winner!