Cami Zi Photography


I understand that this is a very important piece of information, but I choose not to list my prices. Different needs and circumstances for each wedding allow me to be flexible and create custom collections. 

I believe in telling the story of your wedding day, covering all the events, without pressuring you for time. For that reason, my collections are not on an hourly basis – you will have me there for all the special moments. 

 "I cannot say enough about how wonderful she is, and her work. The photos are the best pictures I have ever seen. They are so good that it took me a minute to realize that there were of my big day. To be honest, even looking at them now, I am still in shock that they are actually my wedding photos." - Ashley 

If you are interested in more information, please send me a quick message here and I would love to go over details with you! 

Or call me at (407) 924-2582