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Saint Louis Urban Wedding Photo

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My bride Ashley brought me to St. Louis, Missouri to cover her wedding and we got to take pictures all over downtown between the ceremony and reception. It was a March wedding in the midwest, but even though the weather was in the low 30's we had so much fun going around the city, exploring and getting some great shots.

The dress Ashley is wearing was her mother's wedding dress. Ashley is the younger sister to one of my previous brides, who also brought me to St. Louis.

This specific photo was taken in Citygarden located in downtown St. Louis. Citygarden was created in 1999 by a nonprofit organization under the name of Downtown Now. They created it in a two block area right in the middle of downtown, it provides a small oasis for businesses all around the area. The park consists of different sculptures made out of many different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. The rocks that Ashley is standing in front of, and on top of, are a small part of a huge video wall made out of limestone. Although during the day the screen shows the people who are in front of it, at night they will often play movies, cardinal games and photographs on the giant screen centered on this wall.

Location: St. Louis, MO.