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About Cami, Pensacola Photographer

My full name is Camila Grudzinski. No one ever calls me Camila, just Cami. I was once told Cami Grudzinski sounded like an angry woman and that I should change that to match my personality. I was given the greatest business advice ever - a new name - Cami Zi. This great mentor suggested "change your business name to Cami Zi Photography" so I did.

Cami Zi is easier to spell, pronounce, remember, and it has a bubbly, upbeat sound, spunkier personality – a lot more like me.

Photography Path

Photography has been my passion and career for over 10 years.

A photography position at Disney got me started on this path. Photographing hundreds of families a day at Disney Parks helped me learn excellence in customer service and great skills. I am fortunate to have earned the respect of my peers after seeking continuing education in photography, earning awards in some of the toughest international imaging competitions in the industry.

During this path, I have had the honor to share bits and pieces of my journey with other aspiring and seasoned photographers to inspire them to never give up on their dreams. If you would like to read one of the most recent publications and get to know a bit more about me you can click here.

Now, after over 500 weddings photographed I am so proud to open my own studio. Providing a more intimate and exclusive experience to clients that appreciate quality photography and art.

"I really don't know where to start. Cami is the best photographer I've ever encountered. Her work is like no other. And her infections beautiful personality is just as astounding and unique as her photographs. My daughters maternity pictures are the best I've even seen If you want pictures to truly capture "that special moment" that will live through the generations, then Cami is the one to capture it. We are privileged to have met her and allowed to be part of her work. Truly an honor". E. Connell

About Me

I am based in the Pensacola area, a gorgeous little place surrounded by water and called Gulf Breeze. I relocated from Orlando in the summer of 2019, seeking a better education system and quality of life for my son. It was a difficult decision to just leave behind what took me many years to build, having to start from scratch, but I am a mom first.

Yes I am a mom, I am a solo mom of a very funny and kind hearted 11 year old boy and fluffy Collie named Ziggy. My son is my best friend and often wiser than me.

Ziggy is the newest addition to the family and makes our life better every single day.

my path to Photography

Born and raised in Brazil, I moved to Florida in 2003 after earning a scholarship to pursue a double business degree between Florida Atlantic University and my Brazilian school, UNISUL.

Business was not my degree of choice as my heart always pointed towards photography, but I didn't want to disappoint. I wanted to take pictures. I didn’t have a camera, so I read many photography books throughout the years.

Life went on, with some amazing moments to enjoy and some tough moments to grow from. I faced a very challenging time when my son was born, after which a neurologist told me I couldn’t live a normal life anymore. I was determined to prove the doctors wrong. I decided to focus on my passion to become stronger, happier and to make my son proud - I focused on my one passion - photography.

We had an amazing experience with Cami Zi Photography! Cami is much more than a photographer. She is a true artist who knows how to perfectly capture the moment and the feeling on canvas. The quality of portrait that she created of our family is outstanding and it will be treasured forever, even when my daughters are all grown up and have families on their own. Cami is very professional, yet very easy to work with. My girls absolutely loved her. If you want to create something truly meaningful for your family or your loved ones, Cami Zi Photography is the best place to go to!!! - L. Suthard

Send me a message, I would love to create your most treasured piece of wall art.

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