Generational Portrait in Pensacola
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Generational Portrait in Pensacola

Generational Portrait in Pensacola

Ms. Patty contacted me with a very special custom portrait request. She wanted her headshot taken to match her grandmother (photo taken in 1932) and her mother (photo taken in 1958).

I was so thrilled to have in my hands such a beautiful opportunity.

I took a quick photo of her frame so that I could study the lighting, and posing. The following week I welcomed Ms Patty to my studio for her session and we created her portrait with extreme attention to detail (note the wrapping inspired by her mom's outfit, and the grandma's necklace similarity).

The result is a stunning family heirloom, printed in a custom sized framed canvas.

Location: 2732 Sanibel Pl, Gulf Breeze, FL 32563.