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How it works


Initial Consultation

Prior booking your session, we will discuss your goals so that we can plan your session accordingly. It will be my pleasure to help you envision and plan the perfect portrait.

Your Session

Do your best to have everyone fed, hydrated and happy (I am a mom, I know it can be hard - but its important).

Make sure you arrive on time with wardrobe photo ready.

Wardrobe is such an important piece of your portrait experience.

In order to help you prepare for your session I prepared this guide with great tips, but you can also call at any time for a personal consultation. It will be my pleasure to help.

Click Here to View the What to Wear Guide for Studio Portraits.

Ordering Your portraits

You will be reviewing your photos right after the session.

You will take a quick break while I select the very best images to display for you. I will be displaying your images in real wall size. No guessing. You will be able to see images, different sizing, cropping, framing. I will help you make a well informed decision - after all, this is a piece that will potentially stay with your family for generations to come.

Finish Options

Classic Finish

This is the standard finish, stunning wall art with the look and feel of photography.

Your portrait will receive a special treatment to enhance the overall look to the very finest details, making sure you look your absolute best. This process truly brings your image to life. Every portrait ordered will receive this treatment, and it is available in every size.

Every framed canvas portrait purchased is finished in canvas, mounted to sturdy masonite and receive a clear coat of lacquer which will extend its durability, maximizing the life of your portrait.


The Masterpiece finish is our most exquisite finish and it dresses the walls of distinguished homes and families, that appreciate art and timeless feel of well-crafted paintings.

Masterpiece portraits are exclusively available for framed canvas portraits 30” inches or larger because of the extensive labor involved to create such magnificent pieces.

Our artist creates each painted portrait in a specially designed software, which allows him to select the brush, mix colors, select the perfect amount of paint to apply, angles, pressure, all possible through a combination of artistry and top of the line technology.

The same care and attention is also translated to the print process which is done through some of the best labs in the country, resulting in a piece of wall art that is rated for over 100 years before any fading takes place. The final result is unparalleled.


We will be arranging a pick up or delivery depending on where you live. Turn around time is 6-8 depending on the product and level of artistry of your choice.

It is quite an incredible feeling to finally hang your wall art at your home. While it sounds like a monumental project and a considerable investment, walking by a fine piece of art, that represents a time that really never goes back in time, is priceless.

Each piece of wall art will increase its value among you and your loved ones as years go by.