Cami Zi Photography

“When I dreamed of my wedding as a little girl... I didn't know who my groom was or what every little detail would be, I just knew it was going to be breathtaking, moving, and simply heaven on earth. Cami, by capturing these moments I can truly see that my dreams came true! Even better, this dream will last forever because of you! With your talent and passion you somehow knew exactly what my eyes couldn't see as a little girl because that dream wasn't ready to come true until this day! Thank you so much for time and dedication and for being 100% present on our big day.” -Michelle

Lake Mary Events Center Wedding

In this wedding gallery, the first few pictures are taken in an Airbnb the couple's families rented for the weekend, this is where the bride got ready with her family, and her ten bridesmaids. 

After the getting ready we see the beautiful ceremony filled with great love and joy. What we do not see in these pictures is the great event of the groom forgetting his dress shirt! Up until about 15 minutes before the ceremony, no one could find his shirt, finally, after searching for a shirt for him to wear, I found a groomsman who had an extra one in his bag. We were able to get Steve in the shirt, the groomsmen completely ready and their portraits all done before the ceremony had to start! 
(These little situations are why creating a timeline helps keep things moving and on time!)

The theme of their wedding was, "Two Nations One Love", with her coming from a Jamaican background and him coming from and Irish-American background, their goal was not just to unite the two families but also to unite their friends, they too became family.

I found out later in the evening, the special reception drink was "caipirinhas", which is Brazil's national cocktail! Seeing as Brazil is my native country, I was bummed I didn't get to try one, as I was working, so I will have to bring these two out for a toast soon so we can have a caipirinha together and celebrate their beautiful union!

Venue - Lake Mary Events Center

Hair - Jackelyn Stylistmua

Make Up - Nyrva Dorelus